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Sherrie Bowden, Pinedale, Wy
6x6 Bull, guide: Dillon James. Sherrie said, Dillon had 5 or 6 bulls bugling, my first bull! Thank you Dillon!"
Cody Campbell, Pierre, SD
6x3 Non-typical Bull, 9/24/2019, guide: Nycole Pollard & Dillon James; 7MM Mag. Lots of bugling & exciting hunt.
Ken Canon, Myrtle Creek, Or.
Rick Williams, Pembroke, VA.
6x6 Bull 10/1/2019, guide Ryan Banigan. Rick said, "Ryan spotted the nice bull & cows. He came & got me off stand, we hustled the horses into position & Ryan bugled the bull into 125 yards! What a day!!Thanks to Ryan & BMO!"
Lew Groth, Zumbrota, Mn.
5x6 Bull, 6.5x284 Norma, guide: Terry Pollard. Lew said,"Terry got Roger Ramirez & I in a position among 4 buglers - I couldn't get shot but Roger killed his. The next morning Terry got me on this nice 5x6 & I made 2 good hits. Very exciting hunt & a great guide, I'm booked for next year & 2021!"
Willie Gaspard, Jr., New Iberia, La.
6x6 9/22/19 300 Win. Mag. guide: Ryan Banigan. Willie said,"Ryan called my great 6x6 bull into 75 yards! There were several bulls working at the same time. It was a great experience, thank you Ryan & BMO. We are booked for 2021!"
Larry 'Buck' Clark, Pembroke, VA.
5x6 9/30/2019,300 Win.Mag 180 grain. Guide, Nycole Pollard, Buck said,"Thanks to my great guide, Nycole, for a once in a lifetime hunt! Thanks also to Terry & BMO, everyone was great!"
Terry Campbell, Ft.Pierre, SD.
6x6 9/25/19 Guide: Nycole Pollard, 300 Rem. Mag. Terry said,"Nycole got me onto several bulls during the week & then bugled in this great 6x6! Had a great hunt, looking forward to a future hunt with BMO!"
Roger Ramirez, Saranac, Mi.
5x5 Bull 10/8/19 Guide: Terry Pollard. Terry got us set up near a herd, he bugled & had 4 bulls answering! I shot my nice 5x5 at 228 yards with my 7MM Mag. Thanks Terry & BMO, you are the best!"
Mike Mullins, Athens, WV.
7x7 10/3/19 7MM Mag. Guide: Jordan Johns & Terry Pollard. Mike said,"Terry & I rode to 'Bugle Basin' & I saw 2 cows go over the hill. Terry got me off, cow called & bugled this great bull into 150 yards - away from his cows! One shot, great bull. Thank you Terry & BMO!"
Ken Canon, Mrytle Creek, Or.
6x6 Bull with guide Travis Pollard, 30.06 9/26/19. Ken said, "This was my 7th hunt with BMO & Travis! Had a great time as usual, saw lots of elk and will return!"
Ben Carpenter, Atherton, Ca.
5x6 Bull, 10/30/19 from our Blacks Lake Camp - Guides Terry Pollard & Dillon James, Ben said "Had a great hunt, the kid (Dillon) made me run to get my bull! Terry & crew are amazing, had a wonderful time & I will be back."
Ryan McAllister, SLC., Ut.
300 Ultra Mag. 9/21/18 4x5 Bull. Outfitter guide, Terry Pollard with Ryan and his very nice young bull. "I only had 3 days to hunt & Terry took me to the 'Hidden Knob' on the 2nd morning. We spotted 12+ cows and then this nice bull stepped out at 162 yards. I had a blast, can't wait to come back for another hunt! Thank you BMO & Terry & Crew!"
Randy Prinsen, Oostburg, Wi.
6x6 Bull, 9/16/18, Matthews Z7 62# Rage Broadheads, Gold Tip carbon arrows, Terry Pollard guide. "This was my first bull elk … awesome hunt. We had lots of bugling & elk. Terry bugled this great bull into 50 yards on the Wolverine Ridge. I shot almost straight down, bull went 160 yards. Great tracking, great hunt! I really hope to bring my son back in the future. Thank you BMO & Terry!"
Rick Chastain, Carlsbad, NM
6x6, Crossbow, 9/13/18, guide Dillon James. "I've been hunting with BMO for many years and I am booked for 2019, 2020. Dillon did a great job and I told Terry I wanted Dillon for my guide and Twisted Sister for my horse in 2019! Looking forward to it. Thanks again BMO!"
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