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Roger Palmer, Emporia, VA
Guide: Terry Pollard, 5x5 Bull Elk 300 Weatherby. Terry bugled the bull to 27 yards & Roger made a great 'snap' shot!
Doug Beasley, Las Vegas, Nv.
Guide: Nycole Pollard 6x6 Bull Elk 30.06 180 grain. Nycole rode into 12 Bulls in the Big Willow Park. Bugled & stocked the elk & Doug made a great 400 yard shot.
Rick Beasley, Henderson, Nv.
Guide: Nycole Pollard, 6x6 Bull 30.06 180 Gr. Nycole bugled Ricks bull into
Brandon Murphy, Milford, IA.
Guide: Steven Farmer, 4x5 Bull taken with 30.06 180 Gr.
Steve Murphy, Newport, Mn.
Guide: Steven Farmer, 300 Win Short Mag. Cow Elk
Scott Krzewina, Kaukauna, Wi.
Guide: Terry Pollard Terry bugled the 5x5 bull to100 yards. He made a great shot, his first elk.
Rick Lawton, Cranberry Tnsh., PA.
Guide: Aaron Smith 5x6 Bull, 7 MM Weatherby Mag. "The entire BMO team was great! Was an experience I'll never forget & I hope to return for an archery elk hunt!"
Mark Jackson, Traverse City, Mi.
Nycole Pollard, guide, 5x5 Bull with 7MM Mag. "Thanks to all, a great hunt & we are booked again for 2017!"
Larry Nottingham, Mt. Jackson, VA
Guide: Terry Pollard, 6x6 Bull 300 Win Mag. "I missed a long shot on the first morning. Terry bugled this nice 6x6 into 70 yards & I drilled him. Another great hunt with BMO!"
Larry Conn, Lakeview, Or.
Guide: Aaron Smith, 4x5 Bull Elk with 300Win. Mag. "Aaron bugled the bull to within 25 yards! Another great hunt with BMO. I'm sending my two boys in 2016."
Bill Day, San Jacinto,Ca.
Guide: Nycole Pollard 5x6 bull elk, 30.06 savage. "What a fantastic experience! Thank you BMO & especially Nycole!"
Laney Bisbee, Morgan Hill,Ca.
Another view of his fine 6x6 taken in 2014.
Larry Bisbee, Morgan Hill,Ca.
"My BMO guide Terry Pollard made the perfect set up on my 2nd hunt morning & bugled this great 6x6 into 60 yards. Thanks to BMO for a truly amazing Wilderness Hunt!" Laney drew his moose license in'14 also and took a very good moose 3 weeks later. 300 WSM, 180 Gr.
Kevin Clayton, Traverse City, Mi.
Guide: Nycole Pollard, 5x5 Bull. "Nycole bugled this nice 5x5 to 150 yards, still coming when I shot. This hunt stands out as one of the best ever! Booked again for 2017!"
Keith Parsley, Corydon, Ky.
Guide: Chase Keenan, 5x5 Bull with 300 Weatherby, 180 gr. "Great crew, beautiful country & great hunt!"
Don Shrawder, New Willmington, PA.
"My BMO guide Aaron Smith did it again! Aaron bugled in this nice 6x6 to 25 yards on the side of Bald Mountain! Thanks to all BMO crew for another very successful & enjoyable hunt!"
Rick Chastain, Carlsbad, NM.
Guide: Aaron Smith, 6x6 Bull - cross bow: "Due to malfunction with the cross bow, I only hunted one afternoon. Aaron again came through & bugled the bull to 15 yards! See ya next year!"
Brad Smith, Kaysville, Ut.
BMO Guide Terry Pollard. 5x5 Bull Elk 2014. Terry bugled & cow called the bull to 250 yards & Brad made a great shot with his 300 Win. Mag. Booked again in 2018.
Bob LaBeau, Central Lake,Mi.
"My guide Nycole Pollard bugled this nice 4x5 bull to the 'Natural Blind' & I shot him at 250 yards with my .270. Thanks for a great experience!"
Tom Carpenter, New Pine Ck, Or.
"The senior citizen crew tagged out with 2 nice cows, both 1 shot kills. Terry cow called/bugled Brenda' cow in. Thanks BMO,you are the best. My 5th hunt with you!
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