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Kevin Conn, Boise, Id.
BMO guide Dillon James had Kevin on this bugling 4x6 bull at daylight on my last hunt day.  Kevin used his 325 WSM at 125 yards.  This is Kevins 2nd bull with BMO.
Earl Nordstrand, Yucaipa, Ca.
Earl is pictured with his nice 6x6 bull guided by BMO guide Cody Wilson.  Earl used his 265 Win Mag.
David and Kathy Kennedy, Bonderant, Wy
David and Kathy are pictured with their last hunt day 5x1 bull bugled in by Terry Pollard.  David passed this bull in the morning because he has broken off his left antler.   David and Kathy missed a very good bull earlier in their hunt.  This was their second hunt with BMO. 
Andy Becker, Longbeach, Ca.
Andy is pictured with his nice 5x6 bull bugled into 50 yards by BMO guide Dillon James.  "Great outfit! I was happy to hunt with Dillon, bugler extravenaire!"  Andy used his 300 Short Mag.
Mike Drippe', St. Mary's, KS
Guide: Terry Pollard 5x5 Bull with 30.06 Rem. BDL. 90 yard shot.
Kendall Peterson, San Jose, Ca.
Guide: Cody Wilson
Ken Clark, Monroe, Wi.
Guide: Steven Farmer, 300 Win. Mag. 4x5 Bull
Ken Canon, Myrtle Creek, Or.
Guide: Travis Pollard 5x5 Bugled Bull
David Kennedy, Bondurant, Wy
Guide: Terry Pollard 6x6 Bull Elk
Kyle Dunning, Layton, Ut.
Guide: Aaron Smith 5x6 Bull with 338 Win. Mag.
David Kennedy, Bondurant, Wy
Guide: Terry Pollard 6x6 Bull. We got on a herd of about 100 elk. Terry bugled the bull with 2 answers & David made a great 400 yard shot.
Dave Bomers, Owosso, Mi.
Guide: Steven Farmer, 6x6 Bull Elk with 300 Weatherby Mag. 180 gr.
Chris Saxton, Plymouth,Mi.
Guide: Aaron Smith 4x5 Bull Elk with 300 Win. Mag.
Amit Sanghi, Columbia,SC
Guide: Cody Wilson 6x6 Bull with 7MM Mag, 175 gr. Sierra.
Doug Beasley, Las Vegas, Nv.
Guide: Nycole Pollard, 6x6 with 30.06 180 Gr.
Randy Pearce, Emporia, VA
Guide: Terry Pollard 6x6 Bull taken with 7MM Mag. Terry bugled the bull, that had just came from a wallow, past Roger Palmer who couldn't get a clear shot, and over to Randy who drilled the bull.
Kathy Kennedy, Bondurant, Wy
Guide: Terry Pollard Cross Bow, 5x5 Bull. This was Kathy's first elk hunt, first bugled bull and she followed through with a great 30 yard shot.
Marty Guthmiller, Orange City, IA
Guide: Aaron Smith 6x6 Bull elk with Tika T3 Lite .270, 150 gr.
Roger Hamernik, Plattsburgh, NY
Guides: Aaron Smith & Nycole Pollard: 6x6 Bull 308, 180 gr. While packing out Dave Vanderwalker's bull, they were bugled & Aaron & Roger went after this bull. After about 1 hour, they bugled him into 40 yards!
Randy Pearce, Emporia, VA
Another view of Randy's great 6x6 bull. He shot the tip of one antler off. The bull had been wallowing & was covered in mud.
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