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Wes Allen, Pinedale, Wy
BMO guide Travis Pollard bugled this very good 6x6 into 15 yards on Wes's first hunt morning!
Scott Muchlhauser, O'fallon, Il.
Scott took his very good 6x6 on Oct. 4, 2017 using his 300 win mag 150 grain bullets, with BMO guide Nycole Pollard. Scott said, "Nycole was the best & hardest working guide that I have ever hunted with! The entire operation is first class! Thanks for a great experience."
Mark Jackson, Grawn, Mi.
Mark too his very good 6x6 on Sep. 24, 2017 using his 7mm Mag., with BMO guide Dillon James. Mark said, "Thanks to the eagle eyes of Dillon, I made the shot at this great bull at 200 yards! Great hunt and great week even though the weather was terrible!"
Kenny Smith, Rockingham, NC
Kenny took his 6x7 bull using his Sako 300 WSM with BMO guide Ryan Banigan on Oct. 8, 2017. Kenny stated, "My first elk hunt & the overall experience was excellent! Ryan was an awesome guide & hopefully I will get him on my next hunt with BMO. Heard lots of bugling & Ryan bugled my great bull to 90 yards!"
Jim Johnson, St. Charles, Mo.
Jim took his first bull elk with BMO guide Nycole Pollard on Sep. 29, 2017 using his .270 Model 700. Jim stated, "Every anxiety one may have about stepping out of your element is quickly abolished when you meet the crew at BMO! We drew Nycole as our guide & I knew immediately that we were with one of the best! Lots of bugling, thanks for fulfilling the dream of a lifetime!"
Scott Emerson, Traverse City, Mi.
Scott took his 5x5 with his 7MM Mag, 160 grain on Sep. 23, 2017 with BMO guide Ryan Banigan. Scott said, "Ryan set me up and bugled a bull for about 1 hour. The bull charged to 62 yards and I took him with my 7 Mag, (should have used my bow!). Great job Ryan, thanks to BMO!"
Charles Blades, Benton, Il.
Charles & his sons Tim and John all took their cow elk during our November cow hunt. Charles took his with BMO guide Tom Rainey using his 7MM Mag, 150 Gr. bullet on Nov. 11, 2017. Charles stated, "We saw a large number of elk every day. You have a good group of workers at Burnt Lake & my guide, Tom, was not only a very saavy guide, he was informative & very safety aware! I have hunted with 3 other outfitters & never had any of those get as much meat off my elk as Tom did. Great hunt, Thank
Dave Casper, Forest, VA.
Dave took this very good 6x6 on Oct. 29, 2017 with guide Terry Pollard. He used his 7MM Mag. with Hornady 162 Gr. SST's. Dave said, "Terry glassed a huge bull & herd at 750 yards during the morning. Rather than taking a chance of spooking the herd, Terry bedded them & we set up in the early afternoon. When the wind stopped blowing, Terry cow called 4 or 5 times and elk pouring over the ridge toward us. This great 6x6 stopped at 252 yards & I took him! Thanks to all at BMO for a great experience
Bob Gingras, Williamsburg, Mi.
Bob took his 7x7 bull on Sep. 25, 2017 with BMO guide Ryan Banigan using his 300 Win Mag. Bob said, "My main hope was to hear a bugle & have a bull come to the call. I heard lots of bugles & on my last hunt day, Ryan did the job & called this great bull into 15 yards! I should have used my bow! Thank you to BMO & Ryan!"
Kenny Secor, Manhattan, MT.
Kenny is pictured with his bugled 4x4 by BMO guide Aaron Smith.  Kenny used his 300 Win Mag.  "Until next time, lots of fun, thank you BMO!" 
Stephanie Secor, Manhattan, Mt.
Stephanie is pictured with her very nice 5x6 bull that BMO guide Aaron Smith bugled into 75 yards!  Stephanie used her 30.06.  "Thanks everyone at BMO, Amazing time!"
Bob Secor, Bozeman, Mt.
Bob is pictured with his nice 5x6 bull that BMO guide Aaron Smith bugled into 75 yards.  Bob made a great shot with his 300 Weatherby.
Ryan Kinkade, Cheyenne, Wy.
BMO guide, Jordan Johns, bugled this very good 5x6 bull into Ryan in the high Bridger Wilderness.  Ryan used his 30.06, 165 grain bullet.  
Ryan Conn, Lakeview, Or.
Ryan is pictured with his very nice 6x6 bugled bull by BMO guide and Terry's grandson, Dillon James.  "Dillon had the bulls bugling all afternoon.  Right at dusk this nice bull came charging in and I took him.  This is the 3rd bull with Bald Mt. Outfitters!"  Ryan used his 300 Win Mag. with 180 grain bullet.
Randy Kinkade, Cedarville, NJ.
Randy took this very good 6x6 bull with BMO guide Jordan Johns.  This was Ryans first elk.  Jordan spotted a huge 340 plus bull that they were able to get on the day before.  Randy misjudged the 340 yard shot and missed the big bull with his 30.06. 
Ed Paine, Meadowview, VA.
Guide Terry Pollard sighted over 100 elk, several good bulls across a large canyon.  He sent Ed and Mark Davilla with guide Jordan Johns the next day to try for the bulls.  After a very long, hard day of riding, Ed was able to take this very nice 5x5 bull.  He used his 30.06 with 165 grain bullet.
Mark Davilla, Livermore, Ca.
Mark hunted with BMO guide Jordan Johns.  Terry Pollard sighted a large herd one evening across a large canyon and sent Mark with hunter Ed Paine and Jordan the next day, to try for the bulls.  After a long, tough day of riding, they got onto the bull and Mark made a nice shot with his 300 Win Mag, 180 grain bullet. 
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