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Brad Smith, Kaysville, Ut.
6x6 Bull 375 H&H Mag, 260 Gr. Nosler Accubond, 9/21/18 with guide Ryan Banigan. "Ryan took me to the 'Elk Pass' & cow called, bugled this great bull into me. This was my 2nd bull with BMO & I am already looking forward to another hunt! Thank you Ryan & BMO!"
Brad McAllister, SLC.,Ut
6x6 30.06 9/23/18 with guide Terry Pollard & Dillon James. "This was my 2nd bull with BMO. Dillon presented me with a 200 yd. shot at a nice bull earlier in the week but I missed him. After Ryan got his bull with Terry, I joined my brother, Doug on his hunt. Terry set me up in the Bell Parks & bugled this nice 6x6 into 80 yards! We had 4 bulls bugling us. I am already looking forward to me next hunt with BMO, thanks to all!"
Mark Stowers, SLC., Ut.
6x6 Bull 9/23/18, 300 WSM, 180 grain with guide Ryan Banigan. "Ryan took me to the 'Sugar Bowl' & we had 7 bulls bugling at us, one a huge 7x7 at 400 yards! My great 6x6 came to Ryan's bugle at 95 yards! My first bull elk, thank you BMO & Ryan for a great experience and hunt!"
Jen Brooks, Juda, Wi.
5x5 9/30/18, 300 WSM, with guide Nycole Pollard, 150 yard shot. "This was my 2nd Bull (1st was a 6x7) with BMO & Nycole. On my 2nd day of hunting, we got into a lot of elk & Nycole had me off and on my horse numerous times. Finally had a good shot at the full and dropped him. Thank you again BMO & Nycole!"
Rick Galyean, Huntington Beach, Ca.
6x6 Bull 300 Win Mag. 10/2/18 with BMO guide Dillon James. "This was my 4th hunt with BMO & 2nd bull with Dillon. Thank you and a great job Dillon! I'm booked for 2020 & looking forward to another great hunt!"
Eddie Matul, Zumbrota, Mn.
6x6 Bull with guide Dillon James 10/30/18. "Dillon took me to the '3 Pond' & we got this very nice bull! Had a great time, thank you BMO!"
Andy Becker, Long Beach, Ca.
5x5 Bull with Dillon James, 10/3/18 300 WSM at 146 yards. "This was my 3rd hunt with BMO & my 2nd Bull with Dillon. Dillon got me onto this herd at the 'Helmit Bowl'. You did it again, Dillon!! We are booked for 2020 & are already looking forward to it! Thank you BMO & Dillon!"
Bill Moore, Shamokin, Pa.
3x4 Bull with Nycole Pollard, 8MM Rem Mag. 200 Gr. Barnes, 9/22/18. "Nycole took me to 'Elk Pass' & we saw 20 cows, a huge 6x6 & two 5x5's. This nice 3x4 presented a nice shot. Thank you Nycole and BMO, great hunt!"
Yariel Gonzales, San Sabastian, PR
"5x6 Bull 10/13/18 with guides Dillon James & Nycole Pollard, 300 Rem. Mag. "This was my first elk hunt & I had a blast! I was so many great things that I can't believe and made my dream come through on my last hunt night when Dillon presented me this great bull at 200 yards! Thanks BMO for a great experience & a great hunt!!"
Tom Jensen, Amherst Jct., Wi
6x6 Bull with guide Ryan Banigan, 9/29/18, 7MM Mag. "Opening day of my hunt, Ryan called & rattled this nice bull to 150 yards. I had to shoot off hand! Thanks to Ryan & BMO for a great trip!"
Rich Lowrie, Gates Mills, Oh.
5x5 Bull with Guide Nycole Pollard, Ten Point cross bow with Rage broadhead, 9/16/18. "This was my 4th bull with BMO & guide Nycole! We had lots of bugling & close calls during the week. The last night of my hunt Nycole bugled this bull into 12 yards!! Thank you again, I look forward to my next hunt with you!"
Rex Mattern, Bellefonte, Pa
6x6 Bull with guides Dillon James & Terry Pollard, 10/13/18, 30.06 at 68 yards. "Terry served as my guide during most of the week. We saw lots of elk & I missed a bull. Dillon took me the last day & did an amazing job of calling the 6x6 into 68 yards! The week was made possible by a great group of people at BMO, Thank you!"
Mary Jensen, Amherst Jct., Wi.
3x4 Bull, 30.06 on 10/1/18 with BMO guide Ryan Banigan. "Ryan came through again! He got me on a great moose in 2017 and now this elk. He made my hunt the time of my life!! Bald Mountain guides are the best! Thanks to all BMO!"
Jeff Zatkoff, Canton, Ga.
5x5 Bull with guide Ryan Banigan, 10/3/18 30.06 Ruger #1. "Ryan spotted the bull & we stocked to 150 yards. Thank you BMO & Ryan, you are the best!"
Successful Michigan Group
Even though we had unprecedented snow & storm during the week, we ended up with 5 bulls for 8 hunters - 6x7, two 6x6's, & two 5x5's.
Dave Casper, Forest, Va
Dave & Hawk, packing Dave's 6x6 from Blacks Lake.
Tom Carpenter, New Pine Creek, Or.
Tom took his 4x6 mature bull with his Browning 30.06 while hunting with BMO guide Terry Pollard on Oct. 8, the first morning of his hunt! Tom said, "My first elk with BMO was in 1984 and we have taken many successful hunts from that time until 2017! We hunted with 'the man' Terry on a father/son hunt for the first time (my son Ben also got his bull). Great hunt as usual. I hope to bring my wife, Brenda, next time!"
Gary Bishop, Saginaw, Mi.
Gary shot his very good 6x6 bull on his 2nd hunt day with his 7mm Mag while hunting with BMO guide Nycole Pollard. Gary said, "2nd day of my hunt, Nycole 'the Elk Whisperer" called in my beautiful 6x6 bull! The bull walked up to 100 yards & stood like the prudential bull. Great hunt, thank you Nycole and BMO!"
Travis Pollard
Travis packing one of our elk to the trailhead.
Mark Moen, Ackworth, IA
Mark took his nice 5x5 with his 270 and with BMO guide Nycole Pollard. Mark said, "I was thrilled to know that my guide would be Nycole & she made this 'greenhorn' feel comfortable on my horse & in the Bridger Wilderness. Nycole spotted some bedded elk and we successfully snuck up on them & I made the shot. Great hunt, thank you Nycole and BMO!"
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