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Laney Bisbee, Morgan Hill, Ca.
BMO guide Terry Pollard presented Laney with a number of moose each day of his hunt. He harvested this very nice bull to match his bugled 6x6 bull elk that he took a couple weeks earlier with BMO. His bull scored 284 SCI.
Steve Kremp, Churchville, Pa.
BMO guide, Travis Pollard presented this trophy bull to Steve and he made a great shot. He scored 298 4/8 SCI points.
Patty Clark, Minden, Nv.
BMO guide Nycole, presented Patty with this very nice bull and she made a great shot on one of our Private Land Leases.
Everett Boss, Gillette, Wy.
BMO guide Nycole Pollard, presented Everett with this very nice triple shovel bull. Everett sighted a large number of moose each day. Everett's bull scored 256 2/8 SCI.
Brent Thompson, Hamilton, Al.
BMO guide Steve Bolz presented Brent with this very nice Bull on his 2nd hunt day.
Beth Sammond, Crystal Falls, Mi.
Beth & BMO guide Travis Pollard are pictured with Beth's very good Wilderness Bull. Beth passed up a better bull while hunting for the huge bull we had sighted in the area. She finally opted for this very good bull.
Scott Vannice, Smerwood, Or.
BMO guide Terry presented very good bulls to Scott nearly every day of his hunt. We sighted a huge bull that we couldn't get a shot at and Scott settled for this 'meat' bull on his last hunt day.
Joe Gluszek, Seneca, Il.
BMO guide Nycole presented Joe with moose every day. Joe passed up some very nice bulls but ended up taking this small bull on his next to the last hunt day.
Trophy Bull
Trophy Bull 2013
Rut Hunting Moose
The cow in the center was obviously in season. It is great to be able to hunt in the rut!
Trophy Bull 2013
Travis Pollard & Bruce Hudson
Travis & Bruce in front of the Burnt Lake Base Camp Cook Shack.
Bruce's moose scored 400 4/8 SCI & looks like he will score around 178 B&C.
Mike S. (Colorado)
Mike hunted with BMO guide Nycole Pollard. He harvested this very good bull with his 300 WSM with 180 Gr. bullets. He scored an impressive 293 2/8 SCI.
Stuarts Trophy Bull
Steve Sheaffer (Yoder, Wy)
Steve hunted with BMO guide Terry Pollard. Steve passed up quite a few very nice bulls and then ended up taking this good bull on his last hunt night. He scored 297 2/8 SCI points.
Robin Marsh (Stilwell, KS)
Robin hunted with BMO guide Matt Bowman. Robin shot at several very good bulls & ended up taking this unique split palm bull.
Mike Sheets (Redmond, Or.)
Mike hunted with BMO guide Aaron Smith. Mike shot the first bull that he saw and was very pleased with his short hunt.
Micki Peagler (Madison, MS)
Micki hunted with BMO guide Nycole Pollard (pictured above). This is the best scoring rifle bull in 2013 at 311 2/8 SCI.
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