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Trophy Bull 2013
Travis Pollard & Bruce Hudson
Travis & Bruce in front of the Burnt Lake Base Camp Cook Shack.
Bruce's moose scored 400 4/8 SCI & looks like he will score around 178 B&C.
Mike S. (Colorado)
Mike hunted with BMO guide Nycole Pollard. He harvested this very good bull with his 300 WSM with 180 Gr. bullets. He scored an impressive 293 2/8 SCI.
Stuarts Trophy Bull
Steve Sheaffer (Yoder, Wy)
Steve hunted with BMO guide Terry Pollard. Steve passed up quite a few very nice bulls and then ended up taking this good bull on his last hunt night. He scored 297 2/8 SCI points.
Robin Marsh (Stilwell, KS)
Robin hunted with BMO guide Matt Bowman. Robin shot at several very good bulls & ended up taking this unique split palm bull.
Mike Sheets (Redmond, Or.)
Mike hunted with BMO guide Aaron Smith. Mike shot the first bull that he saw and was very pleased with his short hunt.
Micki Peagler (Madison, MS)
Micki hunted with BMO guide Nycole Pollard (pictured above). This is the best scoring rifle bull in 2013 at 311 2/8 SCI.
Mark Farrell (Portland, Or)
Mark took this nice bull with guide Terry Pollard. He passed up several better bulls but ended up making a very good shot with his 7mm Mag.
Trophy Bull Moose
This trophy moose stepped out of the quaken aspen, 75 yards from us, minutes after Steve Sheaffer shot his very good bull moose.
Kerry Diehl (Bend, Or)
Kerry hunted with BMO guide Aaron Smith and stated that he would be satisfied with any bull moose. He ended up taking the 2nd largest rifle bull in 2013 - 302 4/8 SCI.
Ken Riddle (Ft. Atkinson, WI)
Ken hunted with BMO guide Travis Pollard. Travis called the bull & he stepped out at 75 yards on Ken's first hunt night. He killed the bull with his 270 Ackley Improved with 140 gr. bullets.
Duane Bakke (Finley,ND)
Duane hunted with BMO guide Nycole Pollard. They were in pursuit of a exceptional bull when this very good bull presented a good shot & Duane shot him with his 7MM 168 Gr. rifle.
Bruce Hudson (Henderson, Nv.)
Bruce hunted with BMO guide Travis Pollard & he called this fantastic trophy bull into 10 yards! Bruce made a great shot with his 65 # bow. Bruce's bull is only the 2nd bull that we have ever taken over 400 points! His bull scored 400 4/8 SCI!
Ken Welch (Moss Beach, Ca.)
It took Ken 12 years to draw his 2012 Moose License.  Ken & his guide Travis Pollard spotted a huge bull with 4 cows & started calling & stocking the bull.  He wouldn't leave his cows & they started another stock when they heard the distinctive grunting of a bull moose behind them!  Ken set up & Travis starting calling.  This very good bull came to 30 yards & Ken put 2 arrows into him!
Moose 2012
Rene passed up this bull on his 2nd hunt day because he had broken off his right antler, almost for sure in a 'rut' fight with another bull.   After reflection, he decided that if he got another chance, he would strongly consider taking the bull.   The next morning, my BMO guide 'Stretch' Zellmer got Rene within 60 yards of the unique bull and he took him.  If he hadn't broken off the right side, he would have shown a 54" spread!
Moose 2012
Moose 2012
Moose 2012
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