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Andy Kelly, Los Angeles, Ca.
Andy is pictured with his very nice non-typical 2016 bull moose. He was guided by BMO guide Nycole Pollard.
Jim Schwietert, Cedaridge, Co.
Jim is pictured with his very good 2016 bull guided by Ryan Branigan.
Tammy & Tony Wagner
Tammy & Tony pictured with Tony's 2016 bull moose.
Tony Wagner, Dillsburg, PA.
BMO guide Terry Pollard & Tony Wagner with Tony's decent 2016 bull moose. He took his bull with his 300 Win. Mag, 180 Gr. Hornady SST bullet
David Barrow, Hampton Cove, Al.
David is pictured with his nice 2016 muzzle load bull moose. David missed a bigger bull the day before. His bull was guided by BMO guide Dillon James.  David took his bull with his ThompsonCenter Encore 50 cal.  in-line muzzle loader with Barnes TEZ 290 Gr. Blackhorn powder.
Daniel Gowan, Dallas,Tx.
Daniel took his nice bull in hunt area 3 with BMO guide Nycole Pollard. He used his 300 WSM with a 165 Gr. bullet.
Daniel Gowan, Dallas, Tx.
Daniel and his nice 2016 bull moose.
Butch Steinle, Dallas, Tx
Butch Steinle & guide Travis Pollard with Butch's trophy bull moose. The moose scored 304 1/8 SCI.
Butch Steinle, Dallas Tx.
Side view of Butch's trophy 2016 bull.
Jim Schwietert, Cedaridge, Co.
Jim is pictured with BMO guide Ryan Branigan with his very good 2016 Bull Moose. Jim took his bull on the banks of the Green River with his 30-378 Weatherby Mag. 180 greain Barnes TSX Bullets. Ryan called the moose into shooting range & Jim made a great shot.
Ted Miller, Peyton, CO.
Stratton & Ted Miller hunted with BMO guide Terry Pollard. Terry called this bull out of the Willows on Ted's first hunt morning & he took him with his 25.06 Rem. Ted's bull scored 311 6/8 SCI.              
Donill Kenney, Lake Worth, Fl.
BMO guide Nycole Pollard showed Donill good bulls everyday of his hunt. He made a great shot with his 7MM Ultra Mag. on this nice bull.
Ken Secor, Manhattan, Mt.
Guide Travis Pollard presented Ken with this bull on one of our Private Land leases. Ken made a great shot with his 300 Win Mag. but the bull flipped & broke his right antler off!
Dec. 2015 Trophy Moose
I just took this photo - we are seeing lots of great bulls, post season.
Another Trophy Dec. 2015 Bull
6 Bulls Dec. 2015
I took this photo Dec. 5, 2015.
Randy Springborn, Goodyear, Az
Randy hunted with BMO guide Travis Pollard and saw a large number of very good bulls. Travis called & Randy stocked this bull & got an arrow into him. He ran into a pond, Randy hit him with a 2nd arrow & Travis had to wade to retrieve the bull! Very nice P&Y bull!  This bull was the #1 Archery Bull in the WyOGA Awards program for the 2015 season!
Bob Secor, Bozeman,Mt.
Guide Nycole Pollard showed Bob this bull on his 3rd hunt morning. They called & stalked & Bob made a great shot with his 300 Weatherby. The bull scored 322 3/8 SCI!
Brian Wigington, Casper, Wy
Another view of 'Wig's' bull with his broken points.
Brian Wigington, Casper,Wy
'Wig' & BMO guide Aaron Smith got onto several bulls, one bigger than this harvested bull. His bull was a huge, old bull that had broke his left side top points off fighting. He still scored 305 4/8 SCI!
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