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Tom Triplett, Blacksburl, Va.
Tom hunted with BMO guide Travis Pollard and passed bulls every day of his hunt. He & Travis found a huge bull,"biggest bull I have ever seen!" Travis said. The bull was on the border of 2 areas & just wouldn't present that shot in the correct area. Tom made a great shot with his 300 H&H Win.
Steve Steinle, Casper, Wy.
Guide Terry Pollard showed this bull to Steve the first evening of his hunt & he passed the bull. The next morning, Terry called the bull into 40 yards & Steve took him! This great bull scored 367 6/8 SCI! This bull was the #2 rifle moose in the WyOGA Big Game Awards program for 2015!
Mitch Miller, Macon, MS
Mitch took this small bull by mistake. We sighted a huge bull the night before but he & guide John Richter got the two mixed up in the thick willows. It does happen.
Mark Schutter, Cheyenne, Wy
Guide Terry Pollard & Marks 2015 Bull Moose.  This bull was the #3 rifle moose in the 2015 WyOGA Big Game Awards program!
Mark Schutter,Cheyenne, Wy
Guide Terry Pollard and Mark hunted hard & finally located this great bull. Mark made a great shot with his 7mm STW. The Bull scored 356 3/8 SCI.
Mike Redmond, Zionsville, In.
Mike's trophy bull moose immediately after harvest.
Mike Redman
Mike Redman, Zionsville, In.
BMO guide Nycole Pollard, presented this outstanding bull to Mike on his first hunt day.  Mike had planned to hunt with his bow but considering that the bull was with 4 cows and the wind was wrong, Mike opted for his rifle. The bull scored 362 SCI points. His bull was the #1 Rifle Moose in the WyOGA Big Game Contest 2014!
Martin Hudson, Tigard, Or.
BMO guide Steve Bolz followed Nycole's scouting and got Martin on his very nice bull. He scored 309 5/8 SCI.  This bull was the #3 rifle bull in the WyOGA Big Game Awards program for the 2014 season!
Laney Bisbee, Morgan Hill, Ca.
BMO guide Terry Pollard presented Laney with a number of moose each day of his hunt. He harvested this very nice bull to match his bugled 6x6 bull elk that he took a couple weeks earlier with BMO. His bull scored 284 SCI.
Steve Kremp, Churchville, Pa.
BMO guide, Travis Pollard presented this trophy bull to Steve and he made a great shot. He scored 298 4/8 SCI points.
Patty Clark, Minden, Nv.
BMO guide Nycole, presented Patty with this very nice bull and she made a great shot on one of our Private Land Leases.
Everett Boss, Gillette, Wy.
BMO guide Nycole Pollard, presented Everett with this very nice triple shovel bull. Everett sighted a large number of moose each day. Everett's bull scored 256 2/8 SCI.
Brent Thompson, Hamilton, Al.
BMO guide Steve Bolz presented Brent with this very nice Bull on his 2nd hunt day.
Beth Sammond, Crystal Falls, Mi.
Beth & BMO guide Travis Pollard are pictured with Beth's very good Wilderness Bull. Beth passed up a better bull while hunting for the huge bull we had sighted in the area. She finally opted for this very good bull.
Scott Vannice, Smerwood, Or.
BMO guide Terry presented very good bulls to Scott nearly every day of his hunt. We sighted a huge bull that we couldn't get a shot at and Scott settled for this 'meat' bull on his last hunt day.
Joe Gluszek, Seneca, Il.
BMO guide Nycole presented Joe with moose every day. Joe passed up some very nice bulls but ended up taking this small bull on his next to the last hunt day.
Trophy Bull
Trophy Bull 2013
Rut Hunting Moose
The cow in the center was obviously in season. It is great to be able to hunt in the rut!
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