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Scott Hamilton(Duffield, VA) 5x5
"We had lots of bugling on my 1st day of hunting. My guide Terry Pollard bugled this bull into 80 yards & I couldn't pass the perfect shot. I did pass up a larger 6x6 earlier in the morning! Great hunt, thanks Terry & BMO!"
Roger Palmer (Emporia, VA) 5x5
"My guide Aaron Smith bugled my bull to 48 yards, a perfect shot! Thanks BMO & Aaron."
Rick Chastain (Carlsbad, NM) 6x6
My guide, Aaron Smith, worked his magic again & brought this huge bull into 10 yards! My 49th elk! Thank Aaron & BMO, see you in 2014."
Marc Koepp (Litchfield, Oh) 5x5
"I had the hunt of a lifetime with guide Terry Pollard & will never forget the experience! Nice 5x5 at 90 yards, Thanks Terry & BMO."
Lew Groth (Zumbroto, Mn.) 6x7
"My guide, Terry Pollard, bugled two bulls into my stand. I couldn't get a shot at the first one but dropped this great 6x7. Great hunt week, thank you Terry and BMO!"
Larry Nottingham (Mt. Jackson, Va.) 6x6
"My guide, Aaron Smith, bugled this great bull in - amazing skill. I only had to pull the trigger! We are booked for 2014."
Kevin Koepp (Litchfield, Oh.)4x4
"This young bull followed a herd of cows - I thought he was a much bigger bull! Thanks to guide Terry Pollard & BMO"
Don Venburg (Shelby Twp., Mi) 5x5
"We heard multiple bugles & my guide Terry Pollard placed us right in the path of two bulls. I couldn't get the shot at the bigger one but shot my bull at 110 yards. Thanks to everyone, I look forward to hunting with BMO again!"
Don Shrawder (New Wil., Pa.) 6x6
"My guide, Aaron Smith, really had them screaming & bugled both my bull and Larry's to us in the same morning. See you in 2014!"
Dale Ramsay (Abilene, Ks.) 5x5
"My guide, Aaron Smith, put me on my 5x5 bull at 200 yards. Great hunt, looking forward to coming back soon!"
Barbara Jaycox (Vt.) 6x6
Barb said, "I shot this very nice 6x6 at 280 yards. Wonderful time, food & outfitter. Special thanks to guide Cody Wilson."
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